1. Introduction o Scrum 
• Scrum Overview 
• Scrum Principles, Aspects and Processes

2. Organization 
• Core Roles and Non-core Roles 

3. Business Justification 
• Value-Driven Delivery 
• Factors used to Determine Business

• Confirm Benefits Realization 

4. Quality 
• Quality Defined 
• Quality, Scope and Business Value 
• Quality Management in Scrum

5. Change 
• Unapproved and Approved Changes 
• Change in Scrum 

6. Risk 
• Risks and Issues 
• Risk Management Procedure 

7. Introduction to Scrum Project Phases 

Scrum Developer Certified

The objective of this certification is to ensure that students understand the basics that Scrum Team members need to know in order to effectively contribute to a Scrum project. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to apply Scrum effectively as Scrum Team members in Scrum/Agile projects. 

Tipo de formação:

e-learning / Online


O curso tem uma validade de 6 meses, permitindo assim que os formandos giram da melhor forma o seu tempo


Em qualquer altura

Programa do Curso

8. Initiate 
• Create Project Vision Process
• Identify Scrum Master and Stakeholders Process 

• Form Scrum Team and Develop Epics processes

• Create Prioritized Product Backlog and Conduct Release Planning Processes

9. Plan and Estimate

• Create User Stories

• Estimate User Stories

• Commit User Stories

• Identify Tasks

• Estimate Tasks

• Create Sprint Backlog

10. Implement

• Create Deliverables and Conduct Daily Standup processes

• Groom Prioritized Product Backlog Process

11. Review and Retrospect

• Demonstrate and Validate Sprint

• Retrospect Sprint

12. Release

• Ship Deliverables and Retrospect Project Processes

13. Scaling of Scrum

• Scalability of Scrum and Mapping Traditional Roles to Scrum